Zelda Hylian Shield & Swords Wall Display Set


Introducing the ultimate treasure for Zelda fans - the Zelda Hylian Shield & Swords Wall Display Set! Prepare to be captivated by this remarkable package that includes the iconic Zelda Hylian shield and Link Master Swords.

This extraordinary deal offers you an unbeatable combination of the Zelda shield and sword at a jaw-dropping price. But that's not all - we've taken it a step further by reducing the size of the Zelda Hylian Triforce Shield and Zelda Twilight Link Master Sword to create a must-have display piece that will easily fit into your home or office.

Crafted from sturdy and durable resin, the shield boasts impeccable detail and is equipped with a unique mechanism to house the two Zelda Link Swords, elegantly crossing each other. Each sword features a resin handle and a stainless steel blade, adding an authentic touch to this remarkable set. With a length of 17 inches, the swords command attention, while the shield measures at 6.75 x 8.5 inches, making it the perfect centerpiece for any Zelda enthusiast.

To make this deal even more enticing, we've packaged the ultimate display combo in one box, saving you a significant amount on shipping. Imagine the excitement of unveiling this fantasy Zelda Shield and Sword Display Set, ready to spark conversations and admiration from friends and family alike.

• Shield: Length - 8.5 inches, Width - 6.5 inches
• Sword: Length - 17 inches, Blade length - 13 inches
• Shield Material: Resin
• Handle Material: Resin
• Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel

Unlock your inner hero and bring the magic of Zelda into your life with this captivating Zelda Hylian Shield & Swords Wall Display Set. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of gaming history. Embrace the adventure and order yours today!


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