Voodoo Doll - The Spartan


Unleash your inner warrior with The Spartan Voodoo Doll. Handcrafted with precision and detail, this unique doll is a powerful tool for focusing your intentions. Whether you seek protection, empowerment, or simply a touch of mystique, The Spartan Voodoo Doll is a must-have for those who dare to tap into the ancient art of voodoo. Embrace the power of this symbolic warrior and conquer your challenges with strength and determination.


Created by the nerds who brought you Men Are From Mars, we’re the store for all your mystical and gothic needs! Find us at West Edmonton Mall next to Beck Antiques & Jewelry.

Explore our collection today and find something that suits your style.


We are located on the eastern side of West Edmonton Mall, outside of Hudson’s Bay and next to Beck Antiques.