Viking Age Scandinavian Skeggox Battle Axe | Plain Handle


Introducing the Viking Age Scandinavian Skeggox Battle Axe, a true testament to the legendary weapons wielded by the fierce Norse warriors of old.

Step back in time and embrace the power and craftsmanship of this remarkable tool turned weapon. The Skeggøx, or bearded axe, has a rich history dating back to the 6th century. Its unique design features a lower extended portion known as the beard, which not only provides a wider cutting surface but also ensures optimal balance without compromising on weight.

In the heat of battle, the beard becomes a formidable advantage. Imagine the thrill as you hook your opponent's leg, swiftly sweeping them off balance. Or picture the moment of triumph as you effortlessly pull down their shield, leaving them defenseless and at your mercy. This battle axe is not just a weapon, but a symbol of dominance and power.

Crafted with utmost precision, this replica Viking battle axe stays true to the traditional bearded axe style. The head is expertly forged from carbon steel, boasting a sleek blackened finish that exudes an air of mystery and intimidation. Its razor-sharp edge extends approximately 3.5 inches below the butt of the axe head, ensuring devastating strikes that will leave your foes trembling. 

But it's not just about raw power. We've carefully considered every detail to provide you with a battle axe that is both functional and comfortable to wield. The smooth contoured handle, made from lightweight and durable Sheesham wood, fits perfectly in your hand, allowing for precise control and effortless swings. And for added convenience, a lanyard hole is thoughtfully placed at the bottom of the handle, giving you the option to attach a cord or string.

For those seeking a touch of personalization, we also offer the Viking Age Scandinavian Skeggox Battle Axe with an engraved handle. Make it truly your own, adding a unique symbol or initial to further enhance its allure.

Unleash your inner warrior and honor the Viking legacy with the Viking Age Scandinavian Skeggox Battle Axe. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a collector, or simply someone who appreciates exceptional craftsmanship, this battle axe is sure to captivate and inspire. Embrace the power of the past and make a statement that echoes through the ages.


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