Star Spinner Tarot: 81 Cards And Guidebook


Looking for a tarot deck that reflects the modern world and celebrates diversity and inclusivity? Look no further than the Star Spinner Tarot! This stunning deck features 81 full-color cards with enchanting illustrations by the celebrated artist Trungles. Drawing from a wide range of stories, mythology, and fairy tales, the Star Spinner Tarot reinterprets classic tarot imagery with a unique spin that is dreamy, striking, and poignant.

The deck includes multiple Lovers cards to reflect a range of romantic expression, making it one of the rare tarot decks that is truly inclusive. The accompanying 160-page guidebook offers insights and interpretations to help you navigate your personal journey. Whether you're a seasoned tarot user or a beginner, the Star Spinner Tarot is a must-have for anyone seeking guidance and personal growth.

Trungles' art explores diaspora stories, LGBTQ+ themes, and the role of fairy tales in the popular imagination, making this deck a great gift for modern seekers and fans of his work. Perfect for tarot collectors and enthusiasts, inspiration-seekers, and modern mystics, the Star Spinner Tarot is sure to light your way and help you discover the magic within. So why wait? Add this mystical deck to your collection today and let the stars guide you on your journey!


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