'Kingdom Hearts' Legendary Key Blade Foam Replica


Step into the enchanting world of Kingdom Hearts with our legendary Key Blade foam replica. Relive epic adventures and unleash your inner hero as you wield this meticulously crafted foam sword, designed to capture the essence of the iconic golden Keyblade.

🗝️ Authentic Design: Faithfully recreated with intricate details, this foam Keyblade mirrors the awe-inspiring design from Kingdom Hearts.

Impressive Size: Standing at 34 inches, it provides an authentic feel and makes a striking display piece for collectors and cosplayers alike.

Durable Construction: Built for cosplay and play, it features a sturdy fiberglass core and hard foam for safety and aesthetics.

Versatile Display and Play: Whether showcased in your collection or wielded during cosplay, this foam Keyblade is a must-have for any Kingdom Hearts fan. Fulfil your destiny with this sensational replica!


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