Crusader Knights Of Templar Short Sword Dagger


Introducing the Black Wooden Crusader Cross Short Sword/Dagger, a symbol of power and valor. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Crusader Knights of Templar with this meticulously crafted replica.

The five crosses adorning this sword hold profound significance. They represent the Kingdom of Jerusalem, while the four smaller crosses symbolize the four books of the Gospel. Together, they embody the five wounds inflicted on Christ during the Passion, making this weapon a true testament to faith and courage.

Crafted from high-quality 440 Stainless Steel, the blade showcases a false edge and sharp point, ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way. A ridge running down the center adds an elegant touch to its formidable design.

Encased in an ABS material scabbard with a sleek black finish, this sword exudes a sense of mystery and allure. The polished steel drag and throat accentuate its regal appearance, while a leather cord wrapped around the scabbard adds a touch of authenticity.

The guard, made from 440 Stainless Steel in an Oakshott type XVII design, ensures both protection and style. The black ABS handle, adorned with five steel rings, offers a comfortable grip, allowing you to wield this weapon with confidence and precision.

Completing the ensemble is the pommel, featuring a striking disc design embellished with the Crusader Cross in a captivating gold color. This exquisite detail serves as a constant reminder of the noble heritage and unwavering spirit of the Crusader Knights of Templar.

With an overall length of 23 inches (22.5 inches without the scabbard) and a blade length of 17.25 inches, this dagger-style sword is the perfect addition to any collection of replica weapons. Its twin false edge and ridge running down the middle add an extra touch of authenticity and intrigue.

Unleash your inner knight and embrace the legacy of the Crusader Knights of Templar with the Black Wooden Crusader Cross Short Sword/Dagger. Own a piece of history and let its captivating presence inspire you to conquer new horizons.


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