Color Magick: The Witch's Coloring Book


Indulge in the mystical world of witchcraft with Color Magick: The Witch's Coloring Book. This captivating coloring book is the first of its kind, specially designed for witches of all kinds. With over 60 unique illustrations, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of full moons, natural herbs, and healing crystals.

Take a moment to pause, reflect and set bold intentions as you color your way through each page. This daily ritual will not only bring peace to your life but also make room for magickal thoughts. Celebrate your love for nature and the ancient tradition of witchcraft with this transcendent collection.

Flaunt your creative powers and showcase your independent spirit with Color Magick. This coloring book is a perfect addition to your collection of books, coloring, magic, and mystic merchandise. Get your hands on Color Magick: The Witch's Coloring Book and manifest change in your life with every stroke of color.


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