Cat Tarot: 78 Cards & Guidebook


Looking for a unique and playful way to seek answers to life's questions? Look no further than the Cat Tarot deck! This whimsical and gorgeously illustrated deck features 78 cards led by the oldest symbol of wisdom, divination, and inspiration: the cat.

With Megan Lynn Kott's original artwork infusing each card with playful cat behavior, this deck combines authenticity with a feline sense of humor for a complete tarot set that can be used for standard readings and interpretation, with a whisker of attitude, of course.

The sturdy keepsake box, complete with a curious cat peeping around its edges, holds the 78 tarot cards and a guidebook on how to get the most out of the cat's wisdom and psychic abilities. Julia Smillie offers thorough guidance and instructions, with charmingly cat-related readings, in the accompanying booklet.

Not only is this deck a charming addition to any tarot collection, but it also makes the ultimate treasure for all who love, worship, and revere their feline counterparts. Perfect for cat lovers, tarot enthusiasts, and beginners alike, this deck holds the key to helping you better understand yourself and perhaps your most familiar companion.

Pair it with a tarot journal or cat-themed notebook to create a unique gift set for a birthday, anniversary, pet adoption, holiday, or any special occasion. Don't miss out on the purr-fect addition to your wellness routine. Get your Cat Tarot deck today!


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