Authentic Battle Ready Viking Long Sword


Introducing our Authentic Battle Ready Viking Long Sword, a masterpiece of craftsmanship that embodies the spirit of the legendary Norse warriors. This exceptional sword is designed for both reenactments and swordplay, showcasing superior performance and professional excellence.

Crafted from high carbon steel, the blade boasts unrivaled strength and durability. Its full tang construction runs seamlessly through the sturdy handle, ensuring a solid and reliable grip. With a beautiful fuller at its center and a central ridge towards the end, this sword's capabilities and performance are truly remarkable.

The handle features a genuine leather grip, providing a tacky yet comfortable hold. Beneath the stitched leather lies wooden inserts and a full tang that adds to the sword's weight and balance, enhancing your striking precision. A solid steel pommel at the rear of the handle further contributes to the sword's stability and accuracy.

To protect your prized possession, the Authentic Battle Ready Viking Long Sword comes with a meticulously handcrafted wooden scabbard wrapped in leather. The scabbard features steel fittings on the throat and base, ensuring its durability even when carrying the weight of the sword. It conveniently fits into most Medieval longsword frogs, making it easy to carry during your adventures.

Inside the scabbard, you'll find a soft lining that absorbs fluids from the blade and helps distribute oil smoothly. Speaking of oil, proper maintenance is crucial to prevent rust on the high-performance carbon steel. Remember to keep your sword oiled and clean from moisture for maximum performance and longevity.

For safety and reenactments, this sword comes with a dull edge. However, if you're looking to use it in combat or practice, it can be professionally sharpened to your preference. Please note that occasional rust may appear on the blade and scabbard throat due to the high carbon content. But fret not, as it can be easily removed with steel wool. Rest assured, these slight imperfections do not diminish the long-term value of this exceptional weapon.

With an overall length of 36.5 inches and a blade length of 30.25 inches, this Viking longsword is a true masterpiece. Its double-edged, non-sharp blade, measuring 4.3 mm in thickness, features a fuller of 22.5 inches and a central ridge of 8 inches on both sides. The high carbon steel guard spans 6.75 inches wide, completing the sword's authentic design.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Vikings with our Authentic Battle Ready Viking Long Sword. Embrace the power, precision, and elegance of these legendary warriors, and add a touch of Norse history to your collection.


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