"Aracnafaria" DIY Crystal Art Notebook


Introducing the enchanting "Aracnafaria" DIY Crystal Art Notebook! Unleash your creativity and dive into the mesmerizing world of crystal art.

With a technique reminiscent of painting by numbers, this unique notebook comes with a numbered, adhesive template. Simply use the magic pick up pen (included) to effortlessly lift up the colored crystals and place them on the corresponding numbered dots. Watch in awe as they instantly affix to the page, bringing your artwork to life!

Indulge in the therapeutic and relaxing process of creating your own rhinestone masterpiece. As you immerse yourself in the mystical world of crystals, feel your stress melt away and your creativity soar. The end result? A stunning piece of art that will captivate your senses and leave you in awe of your own artistic prowess.

Not only is the "Aracnafaria" DIY Crystal Art Notebook a delightful pastime for yourself, but it also makes for a truly magical gift for your loved ones. Imagine the joy on their faces as they receive a handcrafted work of art, created with love and care.

Designed for ages 6 and up, this notebook features 50 lined pages, providing ample space for your thoughts, doodles, and dreams. Measuring approximately 26 x 18cm in size, it's the perfect companion for your daily musings or creative endeavors. 

Each "Aracnafaria" DIY Crystal Art Notebook comes complete with everything you need to get started: a crystal art template, an instruction manual, a pick up pen, and a convenient tray. You'll also receive bags of crystals and ziplock bags to keep your supplies organized and ready for your artistic adventures.

Unleash your inner artist and embark on a journey of creativity and self-expression with the "Aracnafaria" DIY Crystal Art Notebook. Get yours today and discover the magic of crystal art!


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