Roman Horatius Officer Gladius Replica Sword


Introducing the Roman Horatius Officer Gladius Replica Sword, a true symbol of bravery and heroism. Step into the shoes of the legendary officer, Horatius, as you wield this mighty gladius against your foes.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this replica sword stays true to the original design. The solid wooden handle not only adds an authentic touch, but also reduces the weight of the sword, allowing for easy wielding during intense battles. Wrapped in supple leather and featuring finger grooves, the handle ensures comfort even during prolonged use.

The rounded pommel adds a sense of solidity to the sword, without compromising the integrity of the blade. Constructed with carbon steel and boasting a factory edge, this blade is ready to take on any challenge. Its 2.6mm thickness ensures durability, making it a reliable companion in your quest for victory.

To protect and showcase this magnificent weapon, a hand-stitched leather sheath covers a sturdy wooden scabbard. The brass chape at the end of the scabbard features unique designs befitting an officer of the Roman Army, adding an exquisite touch to the overall aesthetic.

With a total length of 31.5 inches, including a handle length of 8.63 inches, and a blade length of 22.87 inches, this gladius replica is a true masterpiece. The blade width measures 2 inches, providing the perfect balance between agility and power. Adjust the baldric to your desired length, ranging from 23.5 to 27.50 inches, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

Whether you're a history enthusiast, a collector of replica weapons, or simply seeking a captivating piece of Roman history, the Roman Horatius Officer Gladius Replica Sword is a must-have addition to your collection. Embrace the spirit of Horatius and relive the heroic tales of the Roman forces against the Etruscans. Order yours today and wield a piece of history in your hands.


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