Dungeons & Dragons Epic Encounters: Temple of the Snake God


Get ready to face your fears and delve into the depths of the ruined temple with Dungeons & Dragons Epic Encounters: Temple of the Snake God! This all-in-one boxed encounter is perfect for both new and experienced players, and is compatible with 5e or any fantasy roleplaying game.

Inside, you'll find everything you need to run a hair-raising encounter, including a complete boss battle and a highly detailed Giant Snake mini on a gargantuan 100mm base. As you explore the temple, you'll come face to face with the venomous and hungry snake, whose vast pink tongue flickers from between fangs long as the arm of a fully-grown man. Will you be able to escape its crushing grip and emerge victorious?

With 20 tokens, a double-sided game mat, and a packed adventure book with monster stats, you'll have everything you need to make your next game night one to remember. Plus, you'll receive tips and tricks for running an awesome encounter that work for any RPG game.

Use Temple of the Snake God as a standalone encounter or as part of a new or existing RPG campaign. Whether you're a collector, a fan of Dungeons & Dragons, or simply love fantasy games and monsters, this set is a must-have for your collection. Don't miss out on the chance to add this epic encounter to your next game night!


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